The following are our Consultancy Services

♦ Innovative Research

In India we offer an extensive range of high quality, cost effective, affordable research and analysis solutions to Startups and Small Enterprises. We have a great combination of latest technology and experienced workforce, as a result we could manage any project whether it is a simple or complex.

' Consulting services to bring in business performance for clients '

Research and Analysis is a critical step in assessing market, business, industry and finance factors, which can influence the success of a product or a service. A list of research and analysis services that we offer:

  • Business Viability Analysis

    Business Viability Assessment not only reflects the likelihood of the business venture succeeding, but its ability to deliver the goals and objectives.

  • Economical and Financial Viability

    Assist in building a plan which helps business to be economically and financially sustainable.

  • Technical Viability

    Assist in building a detailed plan on designing to scale the product/service technically viable in scalability, maintainability, flexibility etc.

  • Management Viability

    Assist in identifying gaps in the leadership team and recommending right skills / resources required to fill those gaps

We have expertise in providing the following analysis for clients:

SWOT Analysis

PERT Analysis

Technical Analysis

Competitive Analysis

♦ Project / Program Management

Achieve timely delivery of projects while meeting defined quality guidelines, budget and managing risks with Project / Program Management Consulting services from PTS.

' Proactive Project Management support for diverse clients '

Our Project/ Program Management Consultancy service offers you:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project / Program Planning

  • Project / Program Team Structure Design and Staffing

  • Integration of Budget and Performance criteria

  • Integration and control of Cost, Timelines and technology

  • Performance Assessment

  • Procurement and Acquisition Management

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer Management

  • Project / Program Documentation Development and Management

  • Regulatory and QA Review

♦ Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

With our BOT Model, as a product company, you get the benefit of a trusted local partner to setup your subsidiary efficiently for a time period. After the completion of the decided span, we transfer the assets and handover the operations along with manpower to you. We offer our services to create either a dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) or a Research & Development Division (RDD) or both for your growing business requirements, at best locations of India. Added to this, you also get support of innovative and cost-effective solutions for your expansion plans.

' Supporting clients to build better revenue streams '

Our Project/ Program Management Consultancy service offers you:
We ensure a swift startup of your operations in the most cost-effective and proficient method. Your subsidiary has access to amenities and resources that reduces your attrition and increases your security.
These will become an extension of your business operations wherein you get all the benefits of outsourcing with the option of retaining total control. We will execute your operations using the best technology available and when you are ready, we gradually transfer the ownership of the complete operations to you as agreed. You control the projects and the allocation of skills ‐ our skilled and competent technologists become your employees, a permanent extension of your staff, fully integrated into your corporate culture.

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APR 15, 2016

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