The following are our Product Management Services

♦ Product Development / Testing

The fast-paced, technology is changing its forms like never before. Each day comes with a unique requirement for a new or custom software development. To meet these constantly changing demands a company needs to have an in-depth industry and business process understanding.

' Proven success record of preparing product POCs '

Our VDEM forms the foundation for a software product development. In the process of providing custom product development services using our VDEM, we participate from concept validation stage through design and development, to packaging/ product launch. This service is further supported by optimal-cost innovation and dedicated required resources till the software product stabilizes and if necessary, for future upgrades of the product. At present we are offering the product development/testing services in the following areas.

  • Desktop based Products

  • Web based Products

  • E-commerce Solutions

  • Rich Internet Products

  • Mobile Apps / Plug-ins

♦ Product Migration (Java / .NET / Open Source)

With the fast changing business scenario, companies globally are facing with challenges that require them to update their applications and legacy systems with the latest technologies. Product Migration quickly and efficiently moves applications to modern platforms with the latest architectures and designs and at the same time preserving its original goals.

' Excellent and enduring support for technology transition '

At PTS, our team is equipped with the required set of skills to address the challenges of migration. We help you with the smooth transition of your application without any setback on your valuable data and at the same time retaining the basic features of your established business model. We understand your migration needs and work methodically to deliver reliable on time results in the most cost-effective way. We provide you with solutions for flawless Product migration taking care of planning, installing, testing and support. You will also experience a cost reduction in the maintenance of the upgraded applications. We enable following benefits through our product migration support services:

  • Reduction in overall cost

  • Increased agility

  • Faster processing

  • Increased productivity

  • Minimize disruption to business continuity

  • Easily adaptable systems

  • Chance to exploit new opportunities

  • Increased security

♦ Database Migration (Oracle / SQL Server / My SQL/ MS Access)

Database Migration is a critical job that involves the migration of the data from the older application to the upgraded version. It is a challenging job with a lot of risks in order to maintain the standards of both the applications.

' Migrating data across diverse database platforms '

PTS offers a complete spectrum of services for database migration. We understand and plan your database migration needs, conduct the migration, test it and deliver it successfully to you. We suggest you the best process and work on a plan that is cost effective and is rapidly completed in the shortest time span.

♦ Product Re / Reverse Engineering

Your application might need increase in speed, better usability or up-gradation to another technical platform, consolidation or defined process and methodology or a user-friendly architecture. Our team at PTS with its experience and innovative ideas creates applications best suited for your requirements.

Our Product Re/Reverse engineering services bring you the benefit of upgrading your legacy systems to the contemporary platforms like .NET and J2EE with easier navigation and at the same time retaining the basic foundation of your system.

' Empowering your products for better performance '

With the need to upgrade strategies and applications to keep pace with increasing challenges and objectives to be met in a short span of time, businesses are increasingly opting for Product Re / Reverse engineering. There is a race to keep up with the cutting edge technological advancements for increased productivity.

We follow a structural and a phased process, covering the entire life cycle of the application where the performance of the application is consistently monitored for any gaps. Our strong planning and execution of each phase reduces the risk factor to the minimum apart from rapidly and effectively working on the architecture your application. We bring for you reliable and secure applications worked on by the best practices in the industry. Attention is also paid to quality application matching any other in the industry.

♦ Product Solution Design / Architecture Development

Versatile technologies available today for different processes can sometimes cause an inter-mingling due to the absence or unwanted presence of certain technologies in an enterprise. It is important to align the various technologies with the help of an IT architect to attain clarity, create an easy flow and the ultimate accomplishment of your business goals.

' Best-in-class technology support with effective architecture design '

With strategic techniques and experience, our team at PTS identifies the various technologies that can work together to provide you with better results. They will make a list of all the technologies that are not required or those that need to be migrated to more advanced platforms. A well-defined plan is laid out for the present as well as the future changes where everything is taken care of. IT architecture is implemented methodically and gradually without hindering the everyday processes in your organization.

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