The following are our Software Services

♦  Application Services

Application Development PTS application services are varied across web, mobile, desktop, cloud development process of varied delivery models viz. Agile, Iterative, Waterfall. The life cycle at PTS offers you System Architecture, Application & Product Development, Testing, Monitoring and Management end to end. We also work on packaged model of service delivery where solution harness is in distributed engagement model. PTS is also willing to partner with clients and vendors for any high end consulting and to onboard any new technology and skills on an outcome based quality delivery.

Business Model Integration Service: Any business may require multiple functionalities and features be built to their system which needs to access the foreign data, foreign application, etc. At PTS, we work towards enterprise to enterprise consultation and complete integration working with the third party to present a consolidated business view to clients.

Application Re-engineering and Transformation: For benefit capitalization to Clients, PTS offers re-engineering & transformation services of their legacy applications. PTS will conduct thorough assessments of as-is systems from blue print till output and device a strategy for the transformation right from scoping till business requirements consolidation, architecting till application modeling, to maximize overall value and appropriate benefit.

♦  Verification & Validation Services

Core Testing Services: PTS offers core testing services for both Fixed Bid & T&M in managed model with an aim of meeting the definite functionality from the specification and requirements derived. PTS ensures that the application & product consistently and continuously meets with the agility of changing needs. PTS has high capability of conducting Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, System Integration Testing, and User Acceptance Testing to ensure application or product is tightly integrated with business objectives.

Testing Consulting Services: PTS offers a high end testing consulting service where PTS conducts an end to end study of application and recommends testing approach; and setting up test center of excellence service. TCOE set up will be established with a defined framework which comprises of Test Engineering, Test Practices, Test Repository to suit the existing testing objectives of applications & products.

Automate Testing Services: PTS offers automation of testing services to scale up with speed and increase the iteration of testing. Automation is followed with a lifecycle to make automation scripts in-line with the business workflows.

♦  Monitoring and Maintenance Services

PTS offers a comprehensive Product & Application monitoring and Maintenance services. As part of these services, PTS will work towards application and products optimizations, performance measurements, mitigating downtimes, recommend initiatives for application performance enhancements.