Our Value Driven Engagement Model consists of combination of AGILE methodologies like SCRUM, XP, and LEAN based on the project needs. Apart from AGILE methodologies, VDEM has the following other core components

Quality of Deliverable's: We give high priority to Quality. For this we engage with our clients to understand and refine the requirements in business and user perspective rather the project perspective

' Integrity + Values : We are the believer of 'Our values speaks about us'

Leveraging latest technologies: We always keep a tab on the latest technologies and do internal R&Ds for leveraging them for the clients to reduce their time to market and total cost of ownership.

Service Excellence: We follow the policy called "Customers bring Customers" For this we give high priorty for delivering quality service which brings value to the customers

We offer the following engagement models to our customers

♦ Outcome-Based Pricing Model (OBPM)

Customer's are now in a transition stage as they are seeking to adopt Outcome-Based Price contracts rather than headcount-based contracts, with a strong focus on improving the delivery mechanism. Unlike the past, companies now want to secure the right talent to decide the number of people to be deployed in a project both onsite and offshore locations.

' Outsmart business Obstacles with Outcome based Pricing '

According to analysts, outcome-based pricing rewards both the client and the service provider almost equally. "Outcome-based contracts are better from the customer's point of view because it gives more accountability to the service provider. It is better from a service provider's point of view because he constantly looks at innovation to deliver better services at a better cost

We offer this model to the customers who prefer to share risks/reward equally.

♦ Virtual R&D Model (VRDM)

While SMEs play a critical role in generating employment and supporting growth of any country, they face numerous challenges. The prominent among them are the need to respond to fasting time-to-market, optimal-cost and rapid solutions to complex organizational problems. Towards that end, research and development (R & D) aspect deserves particular attention to promote and facilitate the operations of SMEs. Setting-up an infrastructure for R & D team in SMEs still requires a large amount of engineering efforts and deserves consideration at top level management. Thus, Virtual R & D team could be a viable option.

We offer Virtual R&D services to the customers who would like to have an R&D center, but cannot afford to do so. In this model we closely work with customers in understanding their concept/needs and do optimal-cost innovative R&D which would enable our customers to reach markets faster yet cheaper with better products/solutions.

Latest News

ParnandiTech is now an ISO 9001:2008 certified company

APR 15, 2016

ParnandiTech got ISO 9001:2008 certification from URS Limited.

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APR 27, 2015

PTS Sponsored an Event at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology to encourage Student Entrepreneurship.

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APR 09,2015

PTS Showcased its Business Networking Product 'eBizLink' HYSEA Annual Summit & Product Showcase.

PTS Wins Business Leadership Award

MAR 18, 2015

PTS Wins the Business Leadership Award for Industrial Development from IEDRA - New Delhi.

PTS Honored as Fastest Growing Indian Company.

MAR 16, 2015

PTS Honored with Excellence Award for the Fastest Growing Indian Company.

PTS Proudly Launches eBizLink

FEB 05, 2015

PTS Proudly Launches eBizLink - an Effectual, Global, Business & Professionals Networking platform.